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Julian Pfeiffer
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Urban Arrow Shorty

Perfect Partner Urban Commuter

Award   WINNER 2018
Kategorie   Urban Bikes
Firma   Urban Arrow | Smart Urban Mobility

Living the city, working the city and exploring the city. The Urban Arrow Shorty makes urban life more easy&fun. The remarkable frame design, the stylish cargo compartment and the smooth Bosch e-assist makes the Urban Arrow Shorty as the perfect partner for the urban commuter. The light aluminium frame and the solid lockable and isolating box are the secure safe for personal belongings of the busy city dweller who carries their workstuff togehter with the daily groceries without spoiling time in traffic jams. The cargobox gives even extra space for your fitness outfit to pass by the gym after work and shopping. On top of this the Shorty is perfect for the daily professional delivery usage.

Sehr gute Bewertungen bei folgenden Kriterien

  • Funktionalität
  • Verarbeitungsqualität
  • Mehrwert

Jury Statement

Das perfekte Transportrad für Lieferdienste. In der Isolierbox können sowohl heiße als auch kalte Gerichte ausgeliefert werden. Die gesamte Konstruktion macht einen sehr soliden Eindruck.

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